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  • All bills included
  • Value for money
  • No agency fees
  • Direct from owner
  • Tailored locations
  • Short or long stay
  • Easy to book
  • Caretaker cover

ISHR offering per city

How it works

1. Choose city and length of stay

Finding your room starts with selecting the city and period you’re looking for.

2. Choose room

Based on your selection, ISHR lists all available rooms for you to choose from.

3. Sign contract

Found your perfect room? Then fill out your details and download your contract.

4. Pay deposit

Once you have uploaded your signed contract, only the deposit payment remains. Please note: the room is only secured after receipt of your deposit.

ISHR has partnered with Mollie, a leading online payment provider, to ensure a secure internet payment.


Our service

ISHR looks after you during your entire stay using its proprietary MANAGE MY ISHR STAY system
We manage

Your arrival

The system guides you through all steps in an organised manner. You receive log-in details directly after paying your deposit.

  • Flexible check-in appointments
    via chatbox
  • Allocated staff members
    to welcome you
  • Documents to download for municipality registration
We manage

Your stay

All rooms are designed to be as convenient as possible. Local and national teams stand ready to assist. Our processes are one-time right.

  • Bi-weekly cleaning of
    shared areas
  • Easy-to-use system to
    report issues / upload pictures
  • General Manager available 24/7 through MANAGE MY ISHR STAY
We manage

Your departure

When you’re ready to leave, MANAGE MY ISHR STAY will take you through all steps required for your check-out.

  • Reminders for municipality
  • Dedicated check-out teams ensuring personal contact
  • Transparant system to organise the return of your deposit
Manage My ISHR

After booking you receive your personal log-in to the secured area of the website dedicated to managing every aspect of your stay in direct contact with ISHR.

Manage My ISHR

Managing reservations and requests

MANAGE MY ISHR STAY is our operating platform. It was developed based on our insights as private landlord. We have been leasing furnished rooms to international students in The Netherlands for over 10 years under the ISHR logo. We know what it takes!

MANAGE MY ISHR STAY covers all housing aspects in relation to your stay. This includes municipality registration and possible other local regulations.

The system will take you through all required steps in logical order. Documents are available to download and upload. You can do this whenever you’re ready.

Manage my ISHR stay

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Customer ratings & reviews

"ISHR was an easy solution for me as I was just looking for a place for a year while I was in the Netherlands on an exchange program The ISHR-house was in The Hague close to the train-station although my university was in Leiden I didn't want to have to buy furniture and everything here was already set up here. They also provided some cleaning services and ISHR was quite communicative whenever I had questions"

Shiho, Japan Shiho, Japan

"I come from Russia and stayed with a friend in one of the ISHR apartments Upon arrival I had spoken to the check-in manager to align the check-in moment We stayed in the house together for 6 months and without my friend for another 6 (someone else took her room) I found the room to be quite a fair deal especially because the price includes things like water, gas, internet, cleaning, and taxes. Although some bills arrived in my name since I was registered to the address, ISRH also took care of them. Apartment was good and location excellent in middle of Kralingen. Repayment of deposit took them a few extra days but overall everything was great"

Katya, Russia Katya, Russia

"I arrived from the US and stayed in a house in Lage Land for 1 year (close to Erasmus university). The apartment was located in a residential apartment building (some occupied by students but mostly just ordinary Dutch citizens). The stay was great and although we had some clogging in the bathroom and kitchen, ISHR were able to fix it pretty quickly Someone came by occasionally to check that everything was running smoothly which was nice as the place felt taken care of. I highly recommend them as it was also nice to deal directly with the landlord, avoiding fees from real estate brokers, and the price felt reasonable. I had a few friends who lost a month of rent from fraudulent posts on Facebook so I am glad I could trust ISHR

Glen, USA Glen, USA

Frequently asked questions

Please familiarise yourself with all information below. If you can not find any information regarding your query then get in contact with us.

What makes ISHR a good landlord?

In 2009, ISHR was one of the first private accommodation providers to be included on the website of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. We have been listed here since.

We comply with all rules and regulations to operate our shared living properties. This often includes multiple permits per property.

We make a commitment to provide students with good quality housing and agree to provide information, reassurance and a clear procedure if a dispute occurs.

Your tenancy agreement is clearly written, stating what you are paying for and how much your rent is, with reasonable terms and no hidden costs.

The General Provisions of your tenancy agreement are in accordance with the model drawn up by The Netherlands Real Estate Council (ROZ). We have not amended any of this small print.

Your accommodation should be fully prepared for you when you arrive to take up residence.  Repairs and maintenance are carried out within agreed timescales. Your room, apartment and building will meet with, and exceed, the required health and safety standards.

Do I have to be a student to live with ISHR?

No, we also accept young professionals. Some properties however are only for students (usually as requirement from the municipality). In such instances we apply a zero-tolerance policy. You must prove you are a student.

If you are NOT a student, you should check “No I am a young professional” under the “Student: yes/no” filter in the room search engine. This will populate all rooms available for you.

Group bookings – is this possible?

Yes this is possible. However, separate tenancy agreements are required per room. So you will have to coordinate with your friends to book simultaneously.

You can filter for properties with more than 1 room available via the “Looking with friends” filter in the room search engine.

About us

ISHR is a landlord initiative to manage shared living properties in The Netherlands. It was founded by three former students of Erasmus University Rotterdam who have worked in the financial industry.

During our studies we as ISHR landlords have ourselves stayed abroad in cities like New York and Singapore. We have also worked and lived in London. This is where we became familiar with the furnished short-let concept.

We acquired our first investment property in Rotterdam in 2009 and have since built a portfolio. Our experiences as tenant in metropolitan cities but also as landlord in The Netherlands have provided powerful insights.

These findings are now applied to optimise your stay. We have incorporated all findings into the development of a strong operating platform. This goes much further than just the booking process, it covers your entire visit.

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