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ISHR accepts students, PhD, internships and young professionals.
However, some properties are only for students. If you are a registered student (anywhere globally) or doing PhD you can select “Yes I am a student”, otherwise you must select “No I am a young professional”. See FAQ.
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International student housing in The Netherlands is a recent phenomenon. Most Dutch universities only started introducing curriculums in English during the past decade. Finding student rooms for rent for international students can therefore be challenging. There is a shortage of student rooms in university towns like Rotterdam, The Hague, Delft, Leiden, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groningen, Tilburg, Enschede, Twente, Maastricht, and Eindhoven.

The country is facing a housing crisis. It is difficult for local Dutch students to find a room, let alone for international students looking for short-term furnished student accommodation in The Netherlands. The latter group sometimes ends up having to book a hotel room.

Student accommodation

Some privately offered accommodation is high quality. However, although high quality rooms exist, the quality of many rooms are not attractive. Many private landlords offer small rooms with old furniture in dated apartments, houses or buildings, including potential safety issues.

Shared student accommodation is the norm. Students have their own room (sometimes with balcony), with shared kitchen and bathroom. There are not many studios. You are only eligible for rent benefit or housing allowance from the Dutch government / fiscal authorities / tax service office if you lease self-contained accommodation (kitchen, toilet and bathroom in your room).

Most common are a two-room flat (living room and bedroom) or three-room apartment. There are also some larger units that may have been converted in four-room apartment. Student housing with three or four rooms usually requires a permit from the municipality. Please verify with a potential landlord that all housing room rental permits have been received, this will be a key indicator of a trustworthy reliable landlord. Rooms are usually non-smoking.

The costs of student accommodation

Student housing room rates in Rotterdam, The Hague, Delft, Utrecht and Amsterdam (western part of The Netherlands, also known as Randstad region / area) start at about € 500 ranging up to € 750. The use of gas, electricity and internet / Wi-Fi is sometimes included in the rent. Landlords usually charge a deposit.

Students should ask for a checklist to find out what is and isn’t included in the rent of the room they’re considering. Fully furnished room means that really everything is included, including municipality taxes issued to the occupier. If internet and/or taxes are not included then it is a partly furnished rooms. Unfurnished rooms for international students in The Netherlands are uncommon.

Finding student accommodation

Most international students find their place to live on the private market. Private housing market providers offer an endless range of rooms and apartments owned by an infinite number of private owners. Certain websites give access to the private market. Some of these sites function as an intermediary, others are housing agencies that also make additional arrangements for you.

Some rooms on offer will be situated in city centres. Other housing locations may be edge of town. Check out the neighbourhood and distance to the university. Check the distance by bicycle from the room accommodation to the campus. Public transportation in The Netherlands is popular and widely available. Amsterdam and Rotterdam also have underground / metro systems. In Rotterdam there is a metro stop close to Woudestein campus, it can be convenient to find housing close to the metro. There are fast train connections between all cities. Many students in Leiden live in The Hague. Many students in Delft live in Rotterdam or The Hague.


Why choose ISHR.nl?

ISHR offers fully furnished rooms to international students. Full service apartments have all required amenities to allow international students to enjoy their stay. All expenses are included. Prices on our website are all inclusive. Each apartment will be cleaned by a cleaner every other week. You don’t have to pay an agency fee for International Student Housing Rooms. Registration with the municipality is possible.

ISHR fully understands how challenging it can be to get your temporary accommodation up to speed. We know how to furnish our apartments as convenient as possible for bachelor and master students (including PhD, MBA, master program, and business school), young professionals and internships.