ISHR and Erasmus Reserved Rooms Program

The Erasmus University Rotterdam (“EUR”) reserves rooms with ISHR for their first-year international students. This way, affordable and high-quality living spaces are arranged with ISHR for students arriving for their studies for the first time. When enlisting for one of the EUR faculties as a first-year student coming from outside the Netherlands, you can hence also apply for renting a room through the EUR and ISHR.

The EUR is offering this extra service for free and no hidden fees apply to this way of booking. IMPORTANT: only first-year students of the EUR can book the rooms in the Reserved Rooms Program. This will be checked (using your student number) in correspondence with the EUR.

What rules apply?
In order to offer ISHR’s Reserved Rooms exclusively to EUR Students, the following rules apply:

  • One must be a first-year international student of the EUR
  • This will be checked
  • The rooms which can be seen under EUR Reserved Rooms Program are included in the program
  • After your first year of studies, you will be asked to move out. We can however accommodate you in other ISHR apartments in Rotterdam
  • For now, only a selection of ISHR’s rooms in Rotterdam are included in this program
  • The reservation window opens in May

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