Customer ratings & reviews

"ISHR was an easy solution for me as I was just looking for a place for a year while I was in the Netherlands on an exchange program The ISHR-house was in The Hague close to the train-station although my university was in Leiden I didn't want to have to buy furniture and everything here was already set up here. They also provided some cleaning services and ISHR was quite communicative whenever I had questions"

Shiho, Japan Shiho, Japan

"I arrived from the US and stayed in a house in Lage Land for 1 year (close to Erasmus university). The apartment was located in a residential apartment building (some occupied by students but mostly just ordinary Dutch citizens). The stay was great and although we had some clogging in the bathroom and kitchen, ISHR were able to fix it pretty quickly Someone came by occasionally to check that everything was running smoothly which was nice as the place felt taken care of. I highly recommend them as it was also nice to deal directly with the landlord, avoiding fees from real estate brokers, and the price felt reasonable. I had a few friends who lost a month of rent from fraudulent posts on Facebook so I am glad I could trust ISHR

Glen, USA Glen, USA

"I was looking for a place last minute which was quite stressful as there doesn't seem to be a lot of housing available for students in the Netherlands. Luckily ISHR had a room available in a house with 3 other students close to my university (EUR). I was a little worried at first about living with people I hadn't met before but ended up being a lot of fun. It was a nice way to make new friends as I had never been to the Netherlands before The room was comfortable and the apartment had everything I needed including a dishwasher and washing machine. My sister is coming to Rotterdam next year and she has also found a room through ISHR."

Rebecca, United Kingdom Rebecca, United Kingdom

"I come from Russia and stayed with a friend in one of the ISHR apartments Upon arrival I had spoken to the check-in manager to align the check-in moment We stayed in the house together for 6 months and without my friend for another 6 (someone else took her room) I found the room to be quite a fair deal especially because the price includes things like water, gas, internet, cleaning, and taxes. Although some bills arrived in my name since I was registered to the address, ISRH also took care of them. Apartment was good and location excellent in middle of Kralingen. Repayment of deposit took them a few extra days but overall everything was great"

Katya, Russia Katya, Russia

"Really enjoyed staying in my house in Kralingen during a few semesters in Rotterdam House was exactly as shown in the pictures and I managed to have a good connection with my flatmates Not sure we will be friends forever, but we shared lot of common ground and had many laughs Cleaning service, albeit only every two weeks, came quite useful The house was in a good condition hence we didn’t really experience any problems during my stay"

Maria, Greece Maria, Greece