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ISHR accepts students, PhD, internships and young professionals.
However, some properties are only for students. If you are a registered student (anywhere globally) or doing PhD you can select “Yes I am a student”, otherwise you must select “No I am a young professional”. See FAQ.
There are 0 rooms available in The Hague

Rent a room in The Hague The Hague

The Hague can be described as an internationally oriented metropolis by the sea. It is the capital of the province of South Holland and the third largest city in the Netherlands with almost 500.000 inhabitants and more than 100 nationalities. The Hague has an important role for the Dutch as it is also the city where the seat of the Dutch Government and the Supreme Court is and where you can find the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, and various other important international organisations. 

The Hague is a great and vibrant city where you can find beautiful residences, sophisticated charm and an international (working) environment. It is a city where you can learn and live. The city not only offers you interesting studies (30,000 students live here) but next to culture there is also a lot of nature to explore in and around The Hague. For instance 11 kilometers of coastline. It does not have a university however does have various higher educational institutes (De Haagse Hogeschool, Hogeschool Inholland, Hotelschool Den Haag etc.)    In the Hague it is typically a bit easier to find a room vs Rotterdam, Delft or even Leiden, therefore many students decide to live in The Hague. However in case you want to commute to these cities the location becomes of paramount relevance (naturally a location close to train-station, such as Den Haag Centraal or Den Haag Moerwijk is then highly preferred)

Student accommodation

Given the lack of a university, The Hague traditionally does not have many student-houses, however this is changing rapidly due to the popularity of the city in recent years Also many young professionals increasingly move to the Hague given the excellent train-connections to Amsterdam (and difficult housing market there) and other cities in the Randstad (which is the area stretching from Rotterdam to Amsterdam in which Den Haag lies in the middle)

ISHR offers houses that are purpose-build and its current offer is pre-dominantly in the close proximity to Den Haag Moerwijk – a train-station with easy connection to TU Delft as well universities in Leiden (such as Webster). We also welcome a lot of interns in the various internationals institutions

The costs of student accommodationThe Hague

Student housing room rates in The Hague start at about €450 ranging up to €700. Prices typically depend on location and quality of the premises. Neighbourhoods in the Hague tend to be quit segmented despite all regions being relatively close to city-centre (with everything ranging from rich embassy neighbourhoods such as Benoordenhout vs poorer areas such as the Schilderwijk)

The use of gas, electricity and internet / Wi-Fi is sometimes included in the rent. Landlords usually charge a deposit.  

Students should ask for a checklist to find out what is and isn’t included in the rent of the room they’re considering. Fully furnished room means that really everything is included, including municipality taxes issued to the occupier. If internet and/or taxes are not included then it is a partly furnished rooms. Unfurnished rooms for international students are uncommon

You are only eligible for rent benefit or housing allowance from the Dutch government / fiscal authorities / tax service office if you lease self-contained accommodation (kitchen, toilet and bathroom in your room).

Finding student accommodation

Most international students in Delft find their room on the private market. Private housing market providers offer an endless range of rooms and apartments owned by an infinite number of private owners

You can check on the site of the Delft University for some trustworthy private landlords via: https://www.tudelft.nl/en/education/practical-matters/housing/organisations-and-platforms/  

Public transportation in The Netherlands is popular and widely available however you’ll find that most people prefer to cycle (especially in the small city of Delft) In general TUDelft is very easy to reach by train, bus, bike and even by foot in many cases (also assisted by the small scale)

Why choose ISHR for student rooms in The Hague?

  • All bills included
  • Tailored locations
  • Value for money
  • Short or long stay
  • No agency fees
  • Easy to book
  • Direct from owner
  • Caretaker cover